When shipping a product overseas, the exporter must be aware of packing, labeling, documentation, and insurance requirements.

How can I determine the tariff rate for my product?

Step 1: Determine your HS or Schedule B Number for your product.

Step 2: Determine Tariff Rates

Once you know your product's Schedule B number, you will be able to determine the applicable tariff and tax rates in a particular foreign country.

Is there a tariff (duty) that applies to my product in a foreign country?

Tariff and tax information is available from the Internet, private sources, and from the federal government. For official rates, it is always best to contact customs authorities in the country to which a product will be exported. For example, if a product is being exported from the United States to France, French customs authorities should be contacted for official tariff and tax information.

In order to determine a specific tariff, you must first classify your product according to its Harmonized System (HS) number.