Export Basics

Export Basics helps you assess your export readiness, understand what you need to know and consider before pursuing an international sales strategy, and, when you are ready, develop and implement your export strategy.

What should I consider when making the decision to begin exporting and how do I begin?

There are many ways to become involved in exporting, from filling orders for domestic buyers (such as export trading companies that then export the product) to exporting products yourself. However you choose to export, the development of a detailed and thorough strategy is an important part of the planning process. Steps in developing a strategy include:

Evaluating your product's export potential:
  • Determining if you are really willing to make a commitment to international markets and evaluating whether your company is "export-ready";
  • Identifying key foreign markets for your products through market research;
  • Evaluating distribution and promotional options and establishing an overseas distribution system;
  • Determining export prices, payment terms, methods, and techniques;
  • Familiarizing yourself with shipping methods, export documentation procedures, export financing, and other requirements for exporting.
  • What is a freight forwarder, what services do they provide and how can I find one?

    A freight forwarder is a person who is hired to move shipments between foreign and domestic locations, or a portion of the way. Freight forwarders handle many of the formalities involved in exporting and importing such shipments.